Quotes for life- Value of human relationships

Today I am sharing an older post. These few quotes on the subject of human relationships, need deep thought and pondering.

Value of human relationships.



This anonymous quote has said the whole truth about human relationships in a few succinct words. I don’t think we can go wrong if we follow these standards.

Graham Greene a novelist of acclaim who had a reputation of philosophical thinking in his writing has pointed out a paradox. Kindness and lies! But sometimes it is a great kindness to keep the truth from a loved ones. Giving them reassurance and easing their pain and worry.




Pennebaker is a professor of psychology and his interpretation of human relationships is based on experience.

What he has said in respect to human relationships is alas too true. That is why most of us stumble on this difficult road. But the beauty of life is that there is always a tomorrow till we are alive. So mistakes can be rectified as long as our egos don’t take the center stage.

Hope these quotes have thrown some light on the complexity of our inter relationships.

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.





25 thoughts on “Quotes for life- Value of human relationships

  1. I understand the reasoning behind Graham Greene’s quote, but I personally dont agree. I used to tell ‘white lies’ all the time. Now, I try not to say anything unless asked directly. I still try to soften it. Instead of “Yes, that makes you look fat”, I’ll say “Maybe something else would be more flattering”. Kindness is the most important part, IMO.

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    1. I know Angie that lying is not a good option, even when you want to protect a love one from hurt. Some people have no trouble doing it and some find it hard. One should always do what comes easier!

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        1. I appreciate it a lot. I am myself very bad at fibbing, but do it sometimes to be kind. But telling the truth is always a good policy, in general.
          I am spending time with my grandson, or I can say that he V is playing with x box and teaching me about it. πŸ˜‚β™₯️

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  2. Hmmm. Sourcing relationship guidance from a novelist isn’t always a good idea. Big difference between crafting sentences, developing characters and plots and crafting meaningful relationships. One can be based on fantasy and imagination, while the other needs to be grounded in honesty, caring and tenderness.

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    1. I agree that one should not take every thing to heart, but these words are also based on life experiences. No one can just write, it comes from ones personal perspective on life.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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