Fandango Friday Flashback- How Unique are you?

Sharing a post from last year.14, February-2019. As a part of Fandango Friday Flashback!

Rory AKA Bloke, has asked 

How Specifically Unique … are you to your blog’s personality today?

Like you, I am my blog’s personality. I write what I feel and think. So my blog is very much a reflection of my thought process.

Now how influenced are you by your readership? Also how does that affect your decision making with regards your personality within your blog?

I am not catering to a specific readership. They follow my blog for the variety they find here ( I think). As to how my readership affects my writing; I mind my language and content.I don’t put anything offensive on my blog nor use any language that might offend my readers. 

Has your blog evolved to accomodate the desires of your readership in any way? To the point that it detracts you from your initial creative path? Do you write things only for your audience that you normally wouldn’t write?

Not really. I do write short stories, poems and daily prompts but that is designed to enhance my writing skill. If people enjoy them, it gives me great pleasure and sense of satisfaction. It is my creative process. And I have not deviated from my original plan for my blog but rather added to it to make it richer in content and more entertaining for the people who read it. But this change is not just for them, I also benefit from it.

Have you found that maybe your audience has expectations of your style and personality and perhaps they have stereotyped or pigeon holed you at all into one genre?

No, I don’t think so. Because I don’t have a specific genre. I write all sort of stuff. But one thing I do think about is that since I create my writing from my mind it may be repetitive at times. But this cannot be helped as I have only one brain! 😂

So if you guys want to tackle Rory’sQuestion, find them here and answer them.


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