The wanderer

I am sharing this poem from May last year.


The door opened with a welcoming smile

The vagabond was surprised and suspicious

Why would anyone show mercy and kindness

To a hobo, wandering about without destination

He had no fame to his name neither any riches

The only quality he had was the fortitude he showed

Bearing all his misfortunes and miseries with courage

He was thus not sure why he was being treated so kindly

The man, his host, stepped forward with an outstretched hand

Gave him a warm embrace and offered him food and a place to rest

To answer his enquiring glance, he said, ” Brother I was once like you”

A wanderer without a home and was given shelter by a kind soul

It is now my turn to repay this debt, my home is yours for as long as you want

Just be sure not to abuse the kindness and if it’s in your power to pay it forward

Kindness and love when shared bring about riches which are beyond material

So be kind even if it is just a little bit!



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