Blogging Insights # 17- Sharing and Caring

Dr. Tanya asks;


Do bloggers share all their tips or trade-secrets and should they?


This is a two-part question, and I will answer it in two parts as well.

Do bloggers share their tips or trade secrets?

It depends on what sort of blog a blogger is running. If they have a blog where they are doing their own thing and are not concerned with the actual business of blogging then they usually don’t share any tips on their blogs. If they come across a certain problem in blogging, they might mention it or can at times suggest a way to tackle it. And if they have a specific niche subject they may not do that either.

On the other hand, there are a few blogs that deal with the sole subject of blogging. They are always sharing tips on how to improve one’s blogging skills. They will be addressing topics like;

Increasing viewership

•Writing better content

•Promoting the blog on social media

•Tips on the technical aspect of blogging

•How to avoid pitfalls in blogging.

These bloggers are always keen to help and guide other bloggers on all matters of blogging. They share their well earned knowledge and expertise with their fellow bloggers and are a good reference point. One such blogger is Renard of Renard’s World. I think of him as a guru in our part of the blogosphere.

Should the bloggers share their trade secrets with other bloggers?

This is a question which I think most of us would answer as a yes. If you have the know-how, share it freely in the community spirit. But there are some people who cannot be bothered to do so. But thankfully in our corner of the blogging community, most people are generous and share. But be careful while taking advice from other bloggers. Use your own common and brain. If the advice seems conflicting with what you already know, then double-check it. Sometimes what people think is the right way of doing things is actually not!

In short, if you are a new blogger, others are keen to help and guide you. And if you are a seasoned and veteran blogger, do go out of your way to guide others. It’s all about caring and sharing.

Go out and show some love!




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