Five Things- Feb 7th, 2020

Sorry, I am a day late.

Today, tell us five things you like doing on a holiday. It could be on the weekend or vacations.

My 5 Things;

The obvious, getting up late. Though every day is a holiday for me, on weekends I like to sleep in. It brings home the fact that today is Saturday or Sunday!

• A special breakfast; I like to have something different on weekends for breakfast. Though with my self-imposed restrictions on diet, I still would experiment with eggs, making some new dishes out of them. A latte instead of plain coffee and adding a bit of forbidden food, like crispy buttered toast or a small pancake to the mix.

• Relaxing at home is my favorite thing to do on a holiday. But if we are on vacation, sightseeing, trekking or going for a walk would be the activity that I indulge in instead of lazing at home.

• Catching a movie in the theatre or at home adds the perfect touch to a holiday.

• Going out with the family for a meal in the evening would be the grand finale to a holiday.

These are my favorite things to do on a holiday.

What are yours?

Do share them in the comments or you can write a post on your blog and link back to this one.





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