Blogging Insights # 17- What makes a good blogger

Dr.Tanya Asks;


What, in your opinion, are the characteristics or qualities of a good blogger? I will be very grateful if you list no less than five but no more than ten.



The most important characteristic of a successful blogger is their commitment. No one, who hasn’t committed a 100% can prove successful as a blogger.

A love of Writing;

This is particularly important for written blogs. People with travel blogs, pictorial blogs or how-to-do blogs need writing skills but not to the extent as a blogger who is going to write about his emotions expressed as poems or stories.

A sense of community; A good blogger, having started a blog, participates in the blogger community and gains readership and followers in the blogging world. If one doesn’t interact with others in the community, there is a likelihood that there would be very few people interested in that person’s blog.


This follows commitment.When a blogger is committed to blogging, they have to be persistent to make it to the next level. The blogging world is littered with abandoned blogs, whose writers lacked the persistence to keep up blogging. It’s just like a journey that cannot be finished by taking a few steps.

Live and let live attitude;

This is very essential for peaceful co-existence in the blogosphere. You will see people from all walks of life, cultures, thinking, beliefs here. A good blogger tolerates their views and doesn’t gets into arguments with them.

Sharing and caring; The successful blogger gets involved in the community. Taking time to know the bloggers they interact with and the persona behind the blogger. These friendships are as genuine as real-life friendships, sometimes even more so. Sharing feelings and thoughts with our friends here is an absolutely rewarding experience.

Ready to take risks; Breaking out of character and trying new things helps a successful blogger grow, both in community and personally. The successful blogger has the courage to try new genres and attempts things they hadn’t done before and hence broadens their scope.

Should have enough free time;

A good blogger manages their time to fit in all the writing and reading in the free time they have. No one has limitless time, so a good blogger manages time to accommodate the blogging requirements adequately.

Be kind;

The most appreciated quality of a good blogger is expressing human feelings, especially those that show that they care. The generosity and kindness that they show towards their fellow bloggers are returned manifolds back. They show kindness by giving good advice, sharing the blogs of other bloggers on their own by reblogging and promoting other blogs on their own.




35 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 17- What makes a good blogger

  1. All great points to remember about blogging, Sadje.
    Persistence is a good one. So many give up too soon, because they may have been thinking they will have instant fame with only one post or so. It just doesn’t work like that.
    A lot of things with blogging you will learn along the way, but being kind and friendly to others is very important to remember. 🙂

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  2. I especially like the part about: “This is very essential for peaceful co-existence in the blogosphere. You will see people from all walks of life, cultures, thinking, beliefs here. A good blogger tolerates their views and doesn’t gets into arguments with them.”
    Somehow many have thrown this rule out the window. I don’t care about us always agreeing, I welcome opposing sides. I’m just curious about your perspective. I think we could have intellectual conversations. Great post!

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  3. Of all the welcome to blogging pieces I’ve ever read this is by far the Best Sadje! It’s beautiful and encouraging and reminds writers to be both themselves and be kind. It’s really lovely 💝🤗

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