Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 120

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.

Welcome back to this space, friends!


The theme this week is


Use the words in your piece, allude to it in some way, or include the figure of speech in your writing.

Have a ball! Can writers write?


There are so many unnecessary things that we say in a day. Asking futile questions and making observations, starting the obvious. Some people are kind and do answer these rhetorical questions and reply to our statements which can only be answered by a yes. While there are others who can never resist to make a joke out of it.

With keys and a purse in your hands, you are headed out the door when your kid or husband would say, “Are you going out?”

“No, I was just getting a glass of water from the kitchen”

“But then why you have the car keys in your hand?”


Satire is also lost on some people.

There are many such examples, where one can either pull out one’s hair out of frustration or make a flip remark. Sometimes joking is a better option. I do have the tendency to take the satirical route and am often chided for it.

But, it’s hard to resist…..

“Mom are these sandwiches for lunch?”

“No dear, I thought we could play catch with them!” 😛




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