Five Things- 5 Things that I would like to see more of

Today is Thursday and another 5 Things Prompt;

Today please tell us:

5 Things you would like to see more of in today’s world.

My five things are;

1• I really would love to see more awareness of environmental issues facing us all over the planet. Though the young generation has really taken up the banner of improving the environment, the older generation, the ones in power now need to listen.

2• Learning to live with tolerance and acceptance with others around us. The color of our skin, our religious beliefs and ethnicity should not stand in the way of peaceful co-existence.

3• I really would love to see young people practicing more politeness. The old fashioned ideas of courtesy should be in vogue again.

4• I would also like to see more tolerance from people regarding the diversity of choices people exhibit. We should not body shame people just because they have the different body types or food choices.

5• I would love to see more original movies from Hollywood, instead of the constant stream of remakes. C’mon guys, I am sure there are many talented writers who can give you new and original stories! Enough of redoing the same old same old stuff!

These are 5 Things that I would love to see more of in today’s World.

What about you? What are your five choices?

If you choose, you can answer in the comments section or write a post on your blog and link it to mine so that I can see your posts!




24 thoughts on “Five Things- 5 Things that I would like to see more of

  1. I’d like to see:

    1. More fish and chips stands here in the states.
    2. More holidays so we have more paid time off from work.
    3. More leg room and wider seats on overseas flights. More restrictions on what one can call “Carry On” would be cool too.
    4. More open air markets here would be cool.
    5. More trams, trolleys and rail cars that one could use to commute to work in lieu of driving ones auto would be cool too.

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  2. Self love
    Self acceptance
    People understanding that beauty is in the inside not on the outside
    People considering non conventional fields of career as equally important
    People not putting their nose in others’ matters

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  3. 1) kindness
    2) acceptance (of ALL the differences of lifestyle, religion, ethnicity etc)
    3) playfulness (jump in a fountain, swing on the swings)
    4) focus on what we have vs what we don’t have
    5) notice of the small joys and beauty all around us in nature & protect it!

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