Daily Prompts- An Allegory

Sitting in the waiting room for my turn

I almost parish out of boredom

Till I spot a fancy jacket and think

I can write an allegory on it, it’s so splendid

The poem may not rhyme ’cause I’m no poet

But it sure is a relief to think of something else

Rather than focus on the upcoming ordeal

To my astonishment the poem is well received

People think now that writing maybe my true calling

The audition may not go well at all

But I may have found another career as a blogger

In response to the following prompts;


Jacket, Boredom, Relief





Word of the day Challenge;







11 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- An Allegory

    1. Thanks for joining in the prompts, but you should link your post to the original Prompt, not mine. That way lot’s more people will be able to see your post. This prompt was given by Fandango. You can find the link in my post.


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