Rory asks; What kinda blogger are you? And Why Di you blog?

Rory has asked; What kind of blogger are you?

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How you answer this question is completely up to you … you can answer purely with your genre or with your writing or creative style or even your personality. There are many types of blogger personalities …

5 Blogging Personality Types, Examples, and Tips

Are you a ‘Simplifier, an Extrovert, an Informant or perhaps a Charmer or even a Creative?’

The 7 Personality Types of Bloggers Today

Maybe, you are a Controversial Opportunist, a Self – Indulger, a Deceitful Bandit, a Leeching Mercenary, the Zealous Evangelist or maybe the  Influential Wordsmith and of course not forgetting The Quality Supplier?

All supposedly recognizable blogging personalities … more basic version, perhaps you are a nerd, geek or a boffin, a helper, a listener, a writer or an alternative personality, a mixer or a mixture … that choice is yours.



Rory has thrown the choices wide open. What category do I fit in?

Selecting from the first category, I would say that I am a simplifier and creative blogger.

From the second list, all rather dangerous labels, I choose the least tricky one of the wordsmith.

And from the third list, I think I can safely say a helper and a writer with a bit of listener thrown in.

So where does it leaves me as a blogger?

It seems I am a simplifier who wants to state the things as they are. And at the same time, I try to be creative too. Writing stories on prompts, photos and phrases has helped bring out my creativity. I have learned to be a wordsmith and now can write stories and poems. I love to highlight my point of view through poetry and storytelling. I love to share knowledge with others and help others with problems similar to mine. I am a listener too as I interact with my fellow bloggers by reading their comments and replying to them. Listening is very important in our world. That’s how we get to know others and develop friendships here. The last bit, the writer, I think that all of us here in the blogging world are writers.


And today he asked another question;

Why do people blog? Why do they actually start to blog? What’s their end goal?

Why do people often say;

I don’t do it for others l do it for me, but l am annoyed that l don’t have many likes or comments and that my traffic is so low! I don’t understand it??!”


The “why” is different for us all. But one thing is certain, all public blogs are meant to be read by others. Only those blogs which are marked private are meant for the bloggers alone.

I started my blog on the urging of my friend, Dr. Tanya and also on the prompting of WordPress. I wanted to reach women of my age bracket and share with them my experiences and views. It was started with an aim to involve my readers in my efforts for weight reduction, and health improvement. So I would very much like that people who follow me to read, comment and interact with me. I am happy to get likes and comments.

I have recently started a weekly photo prompt, “What do you see” this has been well received. I also have started since last couple of weeks, another series by the name, “5 Things”. This has yet to catch the attention of most people.


So this is me!

What type of blogger you are?

And why do you blog?

Share your thoughts in the comments



26 thoughts on “Rory asks; What kinda blogger are you? And Why Di you blog?

  1. Hey Sadje, marvelously answered and as well, killing twqo birds with one stone, very nicely tackled and expressed – you have indeed come a very long way from when you first began – l have watched that journey with interest and more pleasingly in the last few months alone, you have felt more comfortable at opening up about yourself and so further encouraging and motivating your truer personality to your words – this in turn has actively rebooted your ‘Keep It Alive’ credo with which you first started your blog with and which fell away for some time as you struggled to come to grips with who you were as a you and then as a blogger – so well done – you have a lot to be very pleased with and excited about 🙂

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  2. I would put me in the categories of creative and wordsmith I guess. I write to get the emotions out, to maybe connect with someone else who feels alone, and of course to gain readers. A writer always wants people to read what they have written.

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  3. I write because I just feel compelled to write. I have enjoyed writing since I was a child. I have kept journals for years, recording events but also just expressing my emotions/thoughts. I decided to blog a few years ago but only last year have I really spent more time blogging and less in my journals. I do want people to read my blogs and check my stats weekly but I’m not so concerned with the number of readers – rather I am happy when someone tells me my blog made them laugh or encouraged them.

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