JusJoJan # 27- Dazzle & Daily Prompts

Linda is the host of JusJoJan.

Today’s prompt is; Dazzle

Given to us by : Debbie


Blinking in the sunlight that dazzles my eyes,

Here I am sitting in the shade of that big tree in my yard

It peaks through the green leaves, playing hide and seek

Showing me how nature can be out teacher

All things that live, live in harmony with each other

I sit and ponder upon the intricacies of my life

Scarce is the wisdom that I seek

Sagacity of an owl, or that of an old woman

Either will work for me, for I am floundering

For many a blunders I have made

Learning cannot teach wisdom, only experience can

But we shy away from new challenges, preferring the routine

I have to be bold like the rays of sunshine

That travel huge distances and venture everywhere


In response to the following prompts;


Shade, Owl, Work











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