Five Things- That makes you laugh

Today is Thursday and time for my 5 Things Prompt.

5 Things;

Today I want you to share 5 Things that make you laugh.

My 5 Things;

1• The ridiculous and the absurd always brings a smile to my face. It need not be funny, just out of the ordinary.

2• Animated movies; Nowadays the animated movies for kids have jokes more suited for adults so I usually enjoy them even more than the kids.

3• Little babies and children laughing. Their laughter is so cute and spontaneous that you automatically laugh out aloud with them.

4• Cute animal videos always make me laugh after I go awwww! I think it’s good for the soul to so such cuteness and innocence.

5• Jokes which are told well, comedy movies with well-scripted lines and tv shows which have clean humor.

Laughter is the panacea for a lot of ills we experience in our day to day life. Please do share what makes you laugh or smile. And share a joke if you like.

Waiting for your responses.

Please do link to my post so that I can find your responses. If you like, use the tag;





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