More About Me # 13

Rory is the host of The really real you.

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 13

Are you ageing gracefully?

I am not aging at all. In my mind I am still young so that means I am getting younger day by day. I like wearing bright colors, trendy clothes. I listen to the pop the young generation is listing to. But in my choice of food, I am completely grown up. I try to eat healthy. No fast food, pizzas or ice cream for me!

But seriously, age is a number you have assigned to yourself. I try to feel as I am, not as I should according to my age.

When younger than you are now, did you ever wish yourself older and did you wonder how well you might be faring?

Nopes! I might have written this before that I live in the moment. When I was younger, I was engrossed in my life real and imaginary and never thought how I will be when older. But one thing that I must say, at a younger age, 58 seemed awfully old. But now that I am 58 since November, it doesn’t seem old at all. I guess as I achieve new milestones in age, they will keep on getting younger.

I will be a young 80 year old!!!

Halve your current age today and thinking back to that younger half age if you were to write a note you other older half of life  as a heads up, what would you say?

At age of 29 I had two kids and expecting my third one. I would tell myself to relax and wait for the time when all the anxieties of young age will smooth out into the sublime acceptance of mature age.



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