JusJoJan # 19- Gobbledygook & Daily Prompts

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Today the prompt is;


Given to us by; Jim


Beth barely suppressed her yawn. The technical gibberish, or as her pa was fond of saying, gobbledygook was boring in the extreme. But she was attending this class so that she could help her dad with the paperwork at the farm. She had just finished high school and her pa wanted her to learn how to maintain the financial records of the farm. He had even bought a used computer from his friend. Beth was no fan of book learning but she loved working on her dad’s farm. If she learned to use the computer, the pressure on her to find a job would ease off. Now all she had to do was to learn how to make excel sheets on the computer so that the farm’s expenses could be recorded properly. It was the time that they too moved into the twenty-first century.

She was happy mucking out the horse stables and keeping the cows fed and clean. Her brother had simply said that he can’t do it. He was interested in frivolous things like cars and movies and liked to spend all his time with his friends. That’s why pa had pinned all his hopes on Beth.


In response to the following prompts;


Fresh, Organ, Book





Word of the day Challenge;








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