Daily Prompts- Can I ?

Vast waters beckon me to try

Pitting my strength against its might

If I strike out by myself in an attempt

To conquer this great expanse

Can I overcome my inhibitions

And the fear that stops me from venturing

Into the unknown territory

Can I?

Or should I give up this false notion

Abandon the idea before I even try

Be the coward I’ve always been

Giving up on adventure because

Of fear of failing and being ridiculed

No ones deserve a hurrah

When they have never tested their strength

Never dreamed of reaching the wonderland

Come on!

It is time to show the world the

The backbone that I possess and the grit

That this hesitant heart hides in its core

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt:



Story, Popular, Strike





Word of the day Challenge;







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