Five Things- That I like about me

Cranny of Cranny’s Cove has written a wonderful post. It explores the idea of being kind to yourself.

She has shared five things she liked about herself. I will be doing the same.

Furthermore, I will start a Prompt, (for as long as ideas last )of ;

5 things

I hope you will join me in this prompt.

This week;

Share five things that you like about yourself.

My five things;

1• My optimism;

I get upset and worried about things in life like everyone else, but I have the ability to see the glass half-full. I think that this has helped me in coping with the challenges life has thrown my way, in a better way. Even when things look very dark, I manage to find something that make me less anxious.

2• My sense of humor;

When in stress, I have this habit of cracking jokes. It might irritate others, but it lightens up things for me. Sometimes in my serious moments, I remember something funny and it makes me smile.

3• My ability to be alone;

I value this so much because especially now that I am an empty nester, I have a lot of alone time. I enjoy this time by walking, listening to music, reading and of course, blogging.

4• My love of reading;

A good book can divert my mind off my own problems and pass time quickly. I love reading all genres of literature except horror. Suspense thriller and murder mysteries are my favorites, along with historical fiction.

5• The recently acquired ability of not caring what others think of me, my appearance and my actions;

This is such a liberating feeling that I would encourage everyone, who hasn’t gotten to this stage to try to inculcate this trait. It makes life so much fun when you just need to please yourself. I don’t mean that I have become selfish, but I am above the opinion of others not. I think it’s a perk of growing old(er).

These are my 5 Things.

Please share 5 things you like about yourself.

And use the tag #5things

And link it back to my post so that I can see your responses.




48 thoughts on “Five Things- That I like about me

  1. I love these challenges as they give us insight into our similarities….as well as making us think about what differences we may have and how they enhance our friendships online.

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  2. All very good things, I share 2, 3 and 5 with you but I gotta say 5 is the best – When you finally get to this point it’s like your whole self gives a giant sigh of relief…

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  3. Thank you for joining in, Sadje! Your list is great… I think being aware of our self-worth is an important step before being really good at taking care of, or caring for others 🙂

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