Daily Prompts-Need for change

The violence on the television touches

A raw nerve whenever I see it

People engaged in senseless killing

Maiming and being physically violent

Why? I ask myself is this need

To show us shows full of hate and discontent

Even when they beat up a rubber dummy

It still evokes feelings of unrest in my mind

I wish they would just shut this stream of savagery

We all should start a campaign to

Persuade these people to stop this brutality

And instead, show us something based on

Human kindness, gentleness, and generosity

Something that restores our trust

In the goodness of mankind

In response to the following prompts;


Television, Nerve, Unrest





Word of the day Challenge;







30 thoughts on “Daily Prompts-Need for change

  1. I think the worst part is that it is hyper realistic…it deadens our sensitivity to it and violence becomes no big deal any more. Plus parent need to teach kid there is pain with every act of violence, not the rewards they get in video games for it.

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