The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 437 – Birthday Party

BWarren is the host of The Sunday Whirl


Hope loved pie, but she loved to pop balloons even more. It was her sixth birthday and her mom had gotten her a bunch of colorful balloons and a pie instead of cake( because she loved pie). But she was careless of her bunch of balloons which got stuck in the branches of the old tree in the yard. To make matters worse, the kid from the next-door family started throwing pebbles at the nest in that tree. He wanted to get the robin’s eggs. The pebbles hit Hope and she started having a tantrum. Laying flat on the ground, she vowed to stay there till the balloons were rescued and the kid was made to leave the party. This was a disaster off the charts and her mom didn’t know what to do. She offered the pie to anyone passing by but found few takers. The birthday party which started with joy ended in tears. But Hope’s mom learned a valuable lesson. Don’t hold the party in the garden if you aren’t going to invite the neighbors.



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