JusJoJan # 7 – Mishmash of prompts

Linda is the host of JusJoJan.

Today’s prompt is


Given to us by;

John Holton


The mix of aromas was heady. Chocolate, sugar, caramel and butter. She was waiting impatiently for her cake to come out of the oven so that she could cool it and decorate it. It would be the best cake she had ever made.

Just then her younger brother entered the kitchen and sniffing the air declared quite unnecessarily, ” You are making a cake. Is it for mom’s birthday?”

Amanda nodded and told him it was to be a surprise, so he should not blab about it to mom.

When the cake was done, Amanda took out tube of icing and started to decorate the cake. The paste like icing looked weird but tasted okay. She wasn’t happy about the results and she had wanted this cake to be so perfect. But she was running out of time and their mother would be home soon.

When the moment came for the cake to be presented and cut, her mom was so happy that she cried tears of joy. “I never knew you were such a talented baker, Amanda!”

In response to the following prompts;

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge;

I never knewโ€ 


Sniff, Paste, Sugar




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