Daily Prompts- The win

Image by Bhakti Iyata from Pixabay

Daily Writing Prompt # 4 by Teresa Grabs

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to explore love and romance on the sports field. Write your take on the romance subgenre of Sports Romance and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the prompt takes you.


On hole number four, Laura yelled loudly, ” fore” before she hit the ball towards the hole. Golfing was her passion and she played almost daily with whoever would be free. But the best opponent she liked to have a game with was her dear dad.

One day her dad brought his young business partner, Geoff with him. Laura enjoyed playing against Geoff and they played frequently after that day. Laura felt vulnerable when she felt she was falling for Geoff. She wasn’t sure if he liked her for herself or for her dad’s money and business. Indecisive and very much in love she made a resolution. She would give Geoff the benefit of the doubt and trust him. But as she feared, Geoff made it pretty obvious that money and position in the social world were more important to him than Laura. He started pursuing another girl whose late husband had left her a very rich widow.

Laura was glad that Geoff revealed his true nature before she had committed to him. Determined to make new beginnings, she left her home town and took up squash.


In response to the following prompts;


For, Fore, Four




New beginnings

Word of the day Challenge;


Daily Writing Prompt # 4

Sports Romance







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