Daily Prompts- Wild West



Riding his horse in the dusty town

The bounty hunter sensed his prey was near

He stepped on the kerb, dusted off

The crust of bread from his leather vest

And begged entry into the sheriff’s office

Here, the puce colored walls displeased him no end

But it wasn’t his business to redecorate the place

He just wanted the the sheriff would accommodate his request

And let him take the culprit away

He needed the money that was promised

If he brought in the thief of the fifty horses

The flat refusal was not a surprise for him

As he has came across such stubbornness before

He cajoled and pleaded to make a deal

And when nothing worked, he made a leap

For the hold up area to snatch the prisoner

And claim him as his captive and get the gold

Unfortunately the sheriff was ready for such a move

And he was put in the same cell as his bounty

In response to the following prompts;

Daily Writing Prompt #2

Bounty hunter


Kerb, Crust, Flat





Word of the day Challenge;








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