Daily Prompts- Labor of love

From morning till evening busy on a holiday

The children are silent and involved

Grabbing pastel crayons in little hands

A red shirt, a vibrant rainbow and orange sun

Assigning favorite colors for everyone

The absence of the noise musical

A labor of love shown with pride

Mom and kids both get what they want


In response to the following prompts;


Evening, Shirt, Blood





Word of the day Challenge;







9 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Labor of love

  1. Autocorrect zinged you again😂 I was wondering what a “pestle” crayon was, then saw the list of prompt words and realized you probably meant “pastel”, which makes sense.

    Blessed silence… I crave it! Great use of the prompts and an unintentional giggle thanks to autocorrect.😂🌻

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