Blogging Insights# 1- Why Do you blog?

Dr. Tanya is asking us;

Why do you blog?

Do you blog to promote your business?

Or is your blog a launching pad for your social life?

Does it exist only to complement your business or your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter accounts?

Is your blog making you real money (if so please let me into your secret)?

Are you blogging because you are so adept at this craft that you want to teach it to others?

Or are you like me : blogging just due to the urge to write?

What are your reasons why you put the proverbial blood sweat tears into your blog posts?

If you agree to share your reasons, you could create a new post, tag it

#why do you blog


I started to blog because I had made a WordPress account to follow a friend‘s blog.

Every time I opened my WP app I got the message to start my own blog and one day I did just that.

I started my blog with the aim to spread awareness about issues that women over 50 years of age face. The health issues, empty nest syndrome, and other social issues. I was also planning to write about health, weight management and various diets that I had tried on my on-going weight loss journey. All this was evident in my initial posts. But as I blogged, I realized that I loved to write. I started writing on a variety of topics. Some from my initial itinerary and some totally unrelated. Some for fun and some to spread a message. As time passed I became aware that writing is empowering! I love to write now. There were some plans of earning money from the blog but that is just a dream till now.

So you can say I write my blog because I love to write. Also because it’s a good platform to spread awareness about a lot of issues people, especially women are facing and also to make people aware of good habits regarding good physical and mental health.




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