Daily Prompts- Up with the lark!

What are the benefits of getting up early?

We all know them. Have been drummed into our minds since we were kids. The schools start early, work starts early and the garbage trucks arrive early!

But as we grow old(er) we sometimes fall out of the habit of getting up early. A little nudge is needed now and then to remind us. Getting up early has the double advantage of getting more things done during a day but also one can go for an early morning walk. This is the best time of the day for walking. One can commune with nature, see the timid creatures scavenging for food and gain all the benefits of fresh air. The breeze playing through the leaves of the trees sounds like nature’s band playing the symphony of universal music! It’s a good time to gauge your fitness level too. A short run or a brisk walk tells us how fit or unfit we are.

We each have priorities in life but good physical and mental health should be everyone’s priority. Walking keeps us physically and mentally in good health.

So are you getting up with the lark tomorrow?

In response to the following prompts;


Nudge, Timid, Double





Word of the day Challenge;







12 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Up with the lark!

  1. It’s early, five that I’m up each day now. I think my neighbors above have a new work schedule. I have tried going back to sleep after the 4:30 wake up, but can’t, so I’m up! I just wish the sun was too😄

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