MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “Opposites Attract”


In looks, they were like peas in a pod

But were totally opposite in temperament

They say twins share so many traits

But they were poles apart in every aspect

If one was said to wear a saintly halo

The other they said was cursed by the devil

It follows that one was the epitome of goodness

While the other was the worst nightmare

How come this terrible mix landed on the heads

Of their bewildered parents they mused, puzzled

But put one in a soup and the other would

Do his utmost to help his brother in trouble

Despite being like day and night, the love

They shared was strong and unbreakable

Try but you won’t be able to knock aside

This bond that holds them together


The Challenge;

Write a story or a poem where opposites attract! Make sure to describe the personalities of the individuals involved. How do they complement one another? In what ways do they challenge each other?

In response to the following prompts;

Sunday Writing Prompt- Opposites attract


Ring, Halo, Curse





Word of the day Challenge;









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