Daily Prompts- Another one bites the dust!


Not able to face the reckoning

Another one bites the dust

We sure would love to collar them

All those who are responsible for this

They prop them up with great aplomb and fanfare

But invariably, failure is their fate

A fall on the face, a shamefaced retreat

Why oh why they make such grand promises

It’s either the fault of the gullible people

Or those feeding us such trash

One after the other these resolves

Made by our great leaders lies broken, lifeless

And we mourn the trust that is torn to pieces

By the naked greed and avarice

We see in the eyes of these manipulators













Because it has the same title as my post;



Another one bites the dust- Queen




In response to the following prompts;


Prop, Collar, Dust





Word of the day Challenge;







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