321 Quote Me- Wordsmith

Rory is the host of 321 Quote me.

Season 5

321 Quote Me Directory

321 Quote Me Created by A Guy Called Bloke

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321 Quote Me is NO LONGER a tagging game – it is now a Community Prompt Game only, as in if any of my readership wish to take part – they can do so freely on their own steam and not through either a ‘tagging’ or an obligation to play.

Guidelines: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

Post 3 quotes on topic

Post 2 pieces of music on topic.

Display one image which represents the topic in your eyes.

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Dedicated Topic For Today:

“The Wordsmith!”


My quotes;

I am lover of words… I am wickedly drunk with the magic of words… the poetic nature whispers through and to my very heart and soul.

Jennifer Hillman


Creativity is not intelligence, it is the ability to do what you did not know through the use of what you know.

Michael Bassey Johnson


It’s not saying something that’s been said a million times before. It’s saying something that’s been said in a way that’s feels as if it was missed a million times before.

Craig D. Lounsbrough


Ellie Goulding- The writer

Clara Mae- Sorry for Writing all the songs about you








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