Daily Prompts- The power of praise

What is the biggest asset in public and personal dealing?

Lift up the spirit of your co-workers and employees with due praise. Giving the credit they deserve and praising them for a job well done does wonder for the morale. The same principle can be employed for close family and friends.

This doesn’t mean that one shows complete and flagrant disregard for the truth, and heap praise undeservedly. It means that you recognize the positive traits in people around you and encourage them in their strengths.

The simple acknowledgment of a job well done can make someone’s day, and give their morale a big boost. This really increases productivity and builds up the team spirit. Indulging and inspiring others so that they feel valued will benefit us too. Similarly in our personal relationships, if we praise anything good or positive, the people around us not only feel cheered up but our interpersonal relationships are strengthened too.

In response to the following prompts;


Complete, Truth, Crimson










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