Daily Prompts- The play

Her excitement was high as she entered the hall. She finally got the tickets to see the play she wanted to, after a long wait. A bit extra had gotten her a seat with the best view of the stage.

The play was better than her expectations. The actors cruised through the lengthy dialogues with professional ease, holding the audience captive with their performance. After the play, she enjoyed a leisurely dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Only one regret was in her heart and mind. She wished that her husband of forty years could have been here with her today. In his life, they never had enough money to pay for the tickets at the Broadway theater. Now she had gotten the insurance money and could finally fulfill her dream.

Well, that’s life, she thought as she raised a frosty glass to his memory.

In response to the following prompts;


Captive, Congeal, Cruise





Word of the day Challenge;







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