MLMM-Photo Challenge #292- A magical home

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge


– Oleg Oprisco


“Mom, we have to make a model of a building. Do we have any empty boxes” Andy shouted excitedly as she entered the front door.

Mom shook her head and saw her daughter’s face drop in disappointment. “Well you can ask Mrs Jensen if she has any” she offered. Andy wasn’t keen to ask their next door neighbor but as there was an urgent need to get the box and get started on the project, she overcame her reluctance and went to the house next door. Mrs Jensen was an old lady, but a bit strange according to Andy. But luckily she had an empty box just the right size which she gave to Andy. “I think this is just perfect for your project” she told Andy as she handed it to her.

Andy made the building putting a lot of effort in the details. She was very happy with the finished project. Mom was also very impressed by her handiwork.

In the school when she was showing the project to her teacher and class, a strange thing happened. The windows of the building lit up just like windows in a real building. It looked like a miniature home. With shadows moving inside as well. Everyone was so impressed by it. Andy got an A plus on the project. Andy was perplexed by the lights and shadows. She was sure that Mrs Jensen has cast a magical spell on that box.


The Prompt;

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story. Please credit the artist!




27 thoughts on “MLMM-Photo Challenge #292- A magical home

  1. I liked your take on the prompt. This is one of those stories where you know something is coming and start holding your breath as you read, it was a good ending. Andy best become fast friends with her neighbor lady.

    Liked by 1 person

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