Daily Prompts – Don’t scratch the itch

You feel irritation and want to scratch

The desire to do so gradually takes over

Pulls our mind again and again towards it

We know very well it may cause damage

But it’s hard to resist the heavy pull

Once you start to scratch this itch

It never goes away and you are at it repeatedly

The same hold true for problems in life

If you let any get under your skin to cause an itch

It will become the focus of your attention

And distract you from living your life well

The life we live in real-world is seldom enchanted

And issues pop up every once in a while

Dealing with them in a pragmatic manner

And not getting emotionally involved is the key

Don’t let the itch get the better of you

Let it know you’re the boss!

In response to the following prompts;


Name, Pull, Heavy










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