BrewNSpew Café weekly prompt – Awkward

Eugenia is the host of BrewNSpew Café

Weekly Prompt #2 – Awkward – December 2, 2019


If like me you have the malady of saying the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time, let me tell you it’s called foot in the mouth disease!

The awkward pause in the conversation tells you that you have done it again. But try what I may, I don’t seem to shed this habit. The problem lies in my brain. It has to blurt out the truth no matter how uncomfortable or inappropriate it is for the occasion.

Sometimes the consequences are more hilarious than embarrassing. But nevertheless, it does not result in increasing my popularity with those I am with. My close friends and family are more resigned to this character flaw. Though there are still the mild reprimands of” did you have to say that!” Or ” why do you always say the wrong thing “

One of my friend tries to give me eye signals. Or with face and head movements tries to dissuade me from uttering the blooper. The good news is that she sometimes succeeds. And sometimes she would talk over my faux pas so that others don’t notice it.

Having lived with this habit I have accepted it as a part of who I am. So awkwardness is becoming acceptable too.

What about you? Any awkward habit? 😜



25 thoughts on “BrewNSpew Café weekly prompt – Awkward

  1. Aw, c’mon – don’t we all have those awkward moments!? If not, we wouldn’t be human. I try to be more aware of what I say, especially these days. Seems many people are super sensitive. Good post, Sadje!

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  2. I have a lot of social anxiety so if I do dredge up the courage to talk I usually stumble all over my own words. And more and more often my “fibro fog” makes me lose words I am trying to say. Good post Sadje!

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