MLMM- Bonus Wordle “Shape Poem”

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This Wordle is a little different I am going to give you 12 words (a little easier than normal) and you have to write a shape poem using at least 6 of the 12 words.

1. Heart✔️
2. Poetry✔️
3. Want✔️
4. Carve✔️
5. Dream✔️
6. Breathe✔️
7. Lost✔️
8. Light✔️
9. Drip✔️
10. Scurry
11. Bird✔️
12. Hullabaloo



My heart 

is full of pretty words

Poetry about my dreams and desires

I want to share them with the world

If I could carve them out of the rocks of life and bring them

   Into the light of the day and breathe life in the lifeless form 

Drip drip the drops of my verses fall on these ideas and find the lost zest

Capture the elusive ideas

Flying like free birds

And write!


This the first time I have tried to write a shape poem. It is supposed to look like a kite!

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MLMM- Wordle- Shape poem





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