Blogging- Write clear and simple

Sometimes you come across a very well written post that gives you food for thought, is uplifting, amuses you or educates you. And I think most of us read blogs or books for this purpose. To gain something out of it.

Now there are many posts that though are well written in their usage of words or rhymes but expressed in such a way that you don’t get their meaning after reading them several times. And in the end, you’re not sure that you have understood what the writer is trying to say.

When you want to leave a response to a post like this, you’re not sure what to say. It becomes a difficult task and a lot of time is wasted in deliberation. If like me you are a fastidious person and leaving an appropriate comment is important to you, you may leave without saying anything. Because saying nothing is better than saying the wrong thing. Or one can join them and write something obscure!

So my word of advice to these verbose bloggers, please write simply and clearly. That would carry your message to others in a better and effective manner. Leave the use of difficulty phrases and obsolete words for the occasions when you want to confuse people! Like in a verbal duel.

It is the hallmark of a good writer that they use easy to understand words and say what they want in a clear and concise manner.

In response to the following prompts;


Leave, Response, Join





Word of the day Challenge;







42 thoughts on “Blogging- Write clear and simple

  1. “Verbal Duel” – Outstanding! I’ve got to remember that one.
    There’s actually 2 bloggers, no names mentioned, but I honestly have no flippin’ idea what they are writing about 3/4 of the time… they’re using words I’ve ner heard of, and when i look them up, they don’t exist. WTF?

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