Blogging Insights # 9- Blog related stress

Dr. Tanya asks;

Blogger Burnout

You must have come across this term in posts about blogging. Today’s topic is completely opposite of last week’s Blogging Insights when we discussed being grateful for blogging. This goes to show what a diverse field blogging is, its various aspects being limited only by the number of bloggers.



1. What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

As the name suggests, blogger burnout is when someone has been writing more than they can handle. We don’t come with an infinite capacity to write, so if we exhaust our Creative ideas, we come to a standstill. The ideas or the stories don’t flow out of our proverbial pen and we are left staring at the blank page/ screen. It is not a desirable place for a blogger to be in.

2. Have you ever suffered from blog-related stress?

When I started to blog, I was totally overwhelmed by it. The writing part came fairly easy to me but I was always behind the reading part of the blogging. And we all know that the reciprocal activity of reading and commenting on the blogs of our fellow bloggers is how our blog grows. It took me a few months to develop a system where I could read and write on my blog and yet have free time to pursue my life. Now I am not stressed out by blogging. I also plan ahead and usually have a few posts on the ready to be posted if I feel unable to write on any day!

3. What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

•My best advice is to fit in blogging in your lifestyle in a way that leaves you time to relax and follow some physical activity as well. A long walk with a music can do wonders to relax your body and mind. Some people prefer jogging, gym training or swimming. Anything that gets the blood circulating through our body, is beneficial for us. So fit in whatever form of physical activity that you like in your daily schedule.

•Plan ahead for the week. If you have a daily or weekly posting schedule, plan a few posts and schedule them in advance.

•If you miss a day out two or even a week, The blogging world will survive. So no need to be stressed out if life takes priority and you don’t have time.

•If you have a personal blog then there is absolutely no need to feel the stress about the views, comments or likes because these keep on fluctuating with time and date. However, if you have a business blog, then you should plan for all and any eventualities.

These are my views about stress related to blogging!

How about you?



29 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 9- Blog related stress

  1. I’m stressed out today lol. Not from blogging, but from trying to publish my latest book. I do get the burn out sometimes though. Especially when I just feel like I have nothing to write about that I actually want to write about.

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  2. Excellent advice, Sadje!
    In the beginning, I found blogging terribly disfunctional for me. Not being tech savvy almost runied me.
    Now, I don’t stress the small stuff. If I get stuck and dont know how to do something, there is always a blogger that is kind and patient enough to share information in order to help you.

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  3. I can relate to burn out I have had a few blogs over the years, I started out as a book blogger and also used my blog for other professional related content, I am a librarian but mostly I blogged for fun and that is the secret to keeping going, it has to be fun and satisfy something in you, what other people think simply does not matter. These days I tend to blog about much more random things that just interest me, still books but also camping, travel and dogs, or just random stuff. I am not a great writer, wish I was but I just enjoy that little creative buzz I get out of blogging and that seems to keep the stress in proportion.

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