Daily Prompts- Stop me if I have said it before!

Sometimes, while sharing a story or an anecdote, I get so carried away in my own enjoyment of telling it that even if the audience is trying to discreetly hint to me that I have shared this story/ incident/ joke, a few times before, I would ignore their intervention and carry on. And the odd thing here is most often I would start with the words, “Please stop me if you have heard this one before” at the start of my narrative!

And I have seen others do it too. I think the reason is that we had enjoyed that particular incident or joke so much that we forget that we have shared it before and inflict it on the people again. We laugh the loudest and hardest at our own jokes and the people smile politely.

Gradually the people who do this too often get the reputation of a bore! People have almost zero tolerance for them. The point to ponder is am I turning into that eccentric aunt that family avoids at get together?

In response to the following prompts;

3TC ;

Enjoy, Tell, Odd





Word of the day Challenge;







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