Stream of Consciousness Saturday- November 30,2019- 50 Shades of happy

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “shade.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy

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Though most people are at this time of the year, celebrating reasons for giving thanks and being grateful, for me, gratitude is an all year long phenomenon. Not just one day. I have reasons to be 50 shades of happy at all that I and my family is blessed with. It is not a narcissist attitude, I think to count your blessings when faced with someone who either is not so blessed or is ignorant of them. My Father-in-law, who had a great influence on modifying my thinking used to always draw our attention to this fact whenever we ran across someone who would complain consistently about something missing in their life. If you see someone with a negative attitude, be thankful that you are not like that. If you run across someone who has physical and mental issues, first of all, give thanks that you are not suffering in that way and then do try to help them in whatever way possible. This makes us realize each and every day, how blessed we really are. It makes us grateful and happy.

It is true that a grateful heart can never be unhappy.

So May you always be under all the shades of happiness.

Stay happy and blessed!



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