Daily Prompts – Aging friend

To rouse him you need a bribe

Offer a doggy biscuit to tempt him

He won’t labor without an incentive

If you want him to fetch a ball

Get something colorful to catch his eye

Be careful that he doesn’t trip over a root of a tree

At his age a fall has to be avoided

My tan colored Labrador is not only my dog

But more of a loved and valued family member

( I personally don’t have a pet but I am hopefully reflecting the feelings of dog owners)

In response to the following prompts;


Biscuit, Tan, Age





Word of the day Challenge;







36 thoughts on “Daily Prompts – Aging friend

      1. She didn’t bark at anyone other than Hubby when we first set up home together, and out in the forest, even though she could easily have walked under a fallen tree, she put her paws on the trunk and demanded to be lifted over! I lost her to mammary cancer at the end of 1990. She was 10.

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  1. Truly an awww moment! Pets are our best friends, IMO! They seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves. We have an 18-year-old cat and she is becoming very fragile but still thinks she is super cat! Nice post, Sadje!

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