Daily Prompts- No names!

Too much pride and a high handed attitude

Rash words spoken with a sneer on the face

Ostentatious and brash, just a few of attributes

That your personality can boast of

You do possess a flair for always making

Crude jokes and leveling derogatory remarks

If I dare say you are a lousy person

With the IQ of a flea, it won’t be fair to the flea

Now an unexpected hurdle lies in your way

I hope you trip on it and fall flat on your face




In response to the following prompts;


Louse, High, Rash





Word of the day Challenge;








32 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- No names!

  1. Well narrated and constructed Sadje…… here’s one I did a while ago….
    A Lame Horse With No Name

    He has no shame
    He has no name
    Life for him is a game
    Life for him is someone else’s blame
    He will not be remembered
    He will not be a heavenly member
    He’s full of money and greed
    He’s full of himself, that’s the arrogance of his breed
    His narcissistic attitude is growing worse
    His growing pool of lies , will eventually stagnate and burst

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