Flashback Friday- A Birthday Wish

I am sharing this post from last year, 23rd November 2018.

As a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.

If you could get any presents for your birthday, what would it be?

I was asked the question recently. It’s my birthday tomorrow. So my husband asked me what would I like as a present. And that made me think! An interesting thought. What if we were asked what we wanted every year on our birthday and be granted whatever we asked!

What would be one thing that I would really desire for my gift? A long healthy life? Unlimited wealth? Or bushels load of happiness?

What is the most important thing that I would want? Or that you would choose?

We all have our priorities in life but there are somethings that we all desire.


Good health is usually is number one on everyone’s list. Especially if we or a loved one had a run-in with sickness or ill health. We all usually desire to live a healthy and long life. We wish the same for our loved ones. To be self-reliant and enjoy the benefits of good health to the end of our days is one thing above all others that most of us want.


Happiness may not be the second most desired wish for everyone but most of us would pick this as our second most coveted treasure. Being happy and peaceful makes life beautiful and worth living. We have to create our own happiness. It can’t come from outside. But we all wish to be happy, we wish joy to others and more benevolent people wish all the world around them to be happy.


Now, who wouldn’t want heaps of moolah! Loads of money would be welcomed by 99.99% of people. And the rest, the 0.01% won’t sneeze it either! But seriously, even if we all don’t desire to be fabulously wealthy, most of us are desirous of being comfortably well off. To make our end meet or to put it simply, not to be bothered about money matters.

These are the most important and top of the list things that most people will desire. But no one can grant us Health or Happiness, though there are some people who could grant us our wish for Wealth by willing it to us or maybe giving it as a gift. But that is an extremely rare thing to happen.

So now we come to what we can give to each other and receive as gifts?

My question to you all. What would you like for your birthday?





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59 thoughts on “Flashback Friday- A Birthday Wish

  1. Happy birthday Sadje……..may your all good wishes come true, may God gives good health more wealth and a happiness your and you family life.

    I would like:-


    Happy Birthday

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