Writing Prompt # 46 – Long overdue

I never had the chance to Thank…

Those who work tirelessly to provide us with all the amenities that we take for granted. Those who make the roads we travel on, those who are responsible for providing power, water, and other services which we used each and every day.

We need to thank those who fix the power after outages, who empty the garbage and recycling bins at five in the morning, and even those who water, prune and trim the plants, hedges and flowering bushes along the roadsides.

All these people form the backbone of a society. Without them, the social structure would collapse. These “Invisible Workers” should be given our unconditional gratitude.

We also need to thank three ambulance drivers, those who drives the school buses and all the rescue workers. An attitude should be cultivated to be thankful to those on whoes shoulders the organization of our civilized society rests.

I am sure I have forgotten to mention a lot of people. But when we see them around, we should take a few minutes out of our time to thank them!



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