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We’re waxing philosophical in our questions today:

Can we ever experience anything objectively?  Why or why not?  (Now for the people who may not understand that idea, this is what objective means (definition wise):  Something that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions).

Being human and having an opinion about most things, it is difficult to be totally objective. Some people have a more objective approach than others. They do have the capacity to disassociate their feelings and views from their actions.

But mere mortals like me find it very difficult to be 100% objective. Our personal bias creeps in somewhere and some way. I try but it’s very difficult.

Do humans have a soul? Do animals have a soul?

Humans definitely have a soul. I am not sure about the animals. But maybe they all have souls!

Why are people told to respect the dead? (example: “Don’t speak ill of the dead”)

I think this is just an old fashioned notion. Do people not talk about the atrocities committed by Hitler? They do and also about the major villains of human history.

If we talk about our family members, or friends or other people we know, even then, talking or discussing what they did is not taboo. I think while doing this we should;

Stick to the truth,

And take care not to discuss this in front of the dead man’s family or friends.

The only reason we may think that talking about the dead is wrong when we slander their reputation and they are not there to defend themselves.

Without using the names of specific people, discuss “the ideal” President or other world leader.  Saying ‘anyone who is the exact opposite of a certain orange skinned creature’ is cheating.  While (to me) that’s a true statement, there’s more depth to the question than to reduce it to one sentence.

It’s very tempting to do that. But complying with your command here goes;

A true leader, or head of the state should have these qualities at the minimum;



•Good moral character

•Knowledge of the constitution and law

•A will to serve people

•A desire to change the condition of the masses for better

•To have sympathy towards those in hard circumstances

•The ability to work with other leaders to bring global peace

•To unite the people of the country

• Be able to represent the country in a dignified manner

• Should not have a Twitter account

•Should be able to speak in public without prompting

These are just a few qualities they should have!


Share your gratitude!  Stories, images or thoughts all welcome.


As the year is drawing to its end, I am sincerely grateful for all the blessings that I and my family were blessed with. This year has gone by in a flash, at least it feels that way to me.

I give thanks to God for all His blessings!

Wishing you all the best.



10 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD 11-18-19

  1. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World. I admit to laughing aloud at that “Should Have No Twitter Account” ‘rule’ for good leadership! I hope they enforce all those, but who would police the police so to speak? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always a pleasure Melanie to answer your very interesting questions. You are right that who will ensure these values! I guess it’s up to those who elect them!


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