MLMM- Wordle #158

1573734679601_Word Art

1. Grey✔️
2. Huff✔️
3. Squeak✔️
4. Bus Stop✔️
5. Brittle✔️
6. Devoir- duty: business: something one must do✔️
7. Slurry✔️
8. Lacuna- an unfilled space: gap✔️
9. Tousled✔️
10. Plush✔️
11. Dizzy✔️
12. Cluck✔️


My devoir, my duty is clear

Every plush toy be squeaky clean

No grey specks that would put you in a huff

Dirt makes you dizzy, and then you cluck and complain

The tousled locks are a disgrace, brittle looks a big no-no

I am not to leave any lacuna in the arrangements before I come

To pick you up from the bus stop with a freshly made ice cream cone

Taking all care that it should not turn into a slurry before you have a chance to sample it!




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