Daily Prompts – A bit of detection!

Mr. Thompson’s carriage

Despite the changing times and age creeping on, Mr. Thompson was always at his usual spot. His horses fresh and eager and the carriage shining with the love and care that he showered on it. Today he was waiting outside the railway Depot. A youngish man and a woman approached him, carrying a valise. They wanted to be dropped at the manor. He assisted them to get on the carriage and gently they started towards the manor. As they reached the main gates, the sound of approaching wheels alerted the watchman and he opened the gates. Mr Thompson noted that he was not the usual guy but a stranger. But he didn’t pay much heed to this fact. At the front entrance, the guests got down and stood there without going inside. They were waiting for him to leave. This did strike him as odd behavior. He intentionally lingered on to see what they would do next. Just then, the front door opened and instead of the owner of the place someone came out whom Mr Thompson knew to be a crook. He was on his guard but didn’t let it show that he knew that something was wrong. The fellow who had come from the house greeted the newcomers in a familiar manner and asked Thompson to leave in an impatient tone. Mr Thompson turned around the carriage and proceeded to leave. Just out of the sight of the main house, he turned towards the local police station and informed the constable on duty about the whole incident. The constable knew Thompson and trusted his judgement. He gathered a few of his men and went off to investigate the suspicious guests.

Due to his diligence, Thomson presented a crime from happening. The supposed guests had come to rob the place and had the new guard and an accomplice of their’s already in place. They had been planning this crime for sometime. Their accomplice had already gagged and bound the owners and was waiting for the professionals to show up to complete the job.

The constable thought that it daft move on the part of the criminals to try to rob the place so openly.

In response to the following prompts;


Planning, Valise, Stranger





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13 thoughts on “Daily Prompts – A bit of detection!

  1. Entertaining and refreshing that the police and Thomson were able to work together to prevent this crime.
    Reminds me of modern day moving companies that well aren’t and end up robbing homes in plan sight.

    Liked by 1 person

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