Daily Prompts- A change

First off, I have updated my profile avatar. Though still not a picture but pretty similar.

The cup runs over with goodness

My heart utterly and truly full

With blessings which come unlimited

Can’t mark only one date on the calendar

For all days in this vast treasure of time

Carry a million reasons for gratitude

So why rely on one special day when

We can give thanksgiving every day

In response to the following prompts;


Cup, Calendar, Curio





Word of the day Challenge;






51 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- A change

  1. I’ve been thinking about updating my avatar pic, but I like my tiara of Snifty Pens🀣 it shows what a goofball I am.

    Did you use a program or filter to create your new pic? I’ve seen other animated/cartoon avatars and wondered how they were created.

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