Blogging Insights # 6 – How important are images?

Dr Tanya asks;


1.How important are images to a blog post?

After my very first blog post, I saw that people are using pictures to make their posts more attractive and I started to find out where to get these pictures and how to use them intelegntly. Tanya was the longer answering my many question in this respect. I still haven’t completely tapped the free resources available to us but I am learning daily. If I can’t find an image in three free resources of WP, I Google the topic and try to use images which are not copy right protected. Though I need to learn more about this as well.

I guess I will ask Tanya again!!!!!

2.What is the role of images in blog traffic and reader engagement?

Sometimes images are an integral part of the post and at other times they are three window dressing. I use graphs etc. in a few of my posts and in others I used them to reinforce my point. Sometimes I use images as a tacit hint towards my meaning.

In all these instances, images play a pivotal role. They attract the reader to open up the post and check it out. Using images, graphics and gif are all a part of marketing your blog.

3.How many images on average do you use in a blog post?

Usually just one. It could be the Prompt photo or something related to my post. Sometimes if the post is a long one, I would put another picture at or near the end.

Using pictures, draws the attention and increases the blog traffic as well.

Tanya’s new series is opening up discussions about blogging and our nothing preference and practices.

If you want to learn about how other bloggers are doing it, then you should follow this series.



36 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 6 – How important are images?

  1. I use images in my blog posts too to increase my WORDPRESS views everyday. Follow my blog as see my statistics on blog posts. Thank you for sharing informative posts.

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  2. I believe imagery is important, not just as a visualize aide; but to help tell the story…. through a picture. Iโ€™ve always been a visual person, story telling is something Iโ€™ve always did in my mind. Now my heart wants to put them into words. Blessings!

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