living our best life possible – organization- My response-


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How do you keep yourself organized?

Please take a moment to share!  I deeply appreciate all of you who take the time to leave information in the comment section.  I have learned a lot from all of you and I am sure others have too!  Thank you.


You’re so right Wendi, in today’s life if we aren’t organized, we put ourselves under a lot of stress.

Organizing our days to the extent of planning for each and every hour of the waking time is not the answer. The answer lies in planning for the day ahead with a rough plan in your head. One can write down important appointments in a planner or better still on the calendar in your phone with a reminder for the time you need to leave.

Birthdays, anniversaries and other important family events can also be put in your calendar on the smartphone. It does make us a bit lax about trying to remember the dates ourself but the positive side is that no one is offended when we don’t remember an important occasion.

I plan my day in a loose sort of manner, as in what needs to be done and till when. When I get up in the morning, I know that if I have to go out for an errand, it should be till that time. I know that I need to write that many posts for scheduling for that day or the next one till evening.

I fit in my three walks in my day’s schedule. One roughly after every meal. They do take around 100- 120 minutes of my day but it is a necessity and I have adapted my day around it.

I am sure that if we spend a few minutes a day to plan what and how we are going to spend our next day, we will be better off.

Planning ahead is the key!


18 thoughts on “living our best life possible – organization- My response-

  1. Unless he’s at school, my schedule is dictated by the King😉
    I have one monthly appointment that is kept in my phone and also on a card in my wallet because phones die or get lost. My errands are done whenever.
    My life is pretty loosely run. Too many variables, including my pain level, to plan very much.🤷‍♀️
    It definitely would NOT work for most people.

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    1. It is wonderful how much you do and are willing to do for Ben. True love is this. I was in this situation when my daughter started her degree and her son was just two and a half. Then I would plan my day around his play school and other activities.


  2. The single most important thing in my life that has kept me organized is making a commitment that lists are for checking off things. This is literally the reason how I stay productive! What has also added a lot of value is my android phone. Honestly, there are so many daily apps I use that keep me more on track than ever before. I’m very thankful to them as the “pen and paper” days held me back a lot of the time.

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