Three Line Tales, Week 197


Welcome to Week 197 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 197: vinyl albums in a record shop, bowie, the cure, fleetwood mac, joy divisionphoto by Yanko Peyankov via Unsplash

Happy three-lining!


After looking through all his cupboards, storage boxes and everywhere he could think of, he finally called his mother.

“Hey mom, do you remember the record collection that grandad left to me, I can’t find it anywhere, any ideas where it could be” there was a long pause on the other side “I donated to the local charity to raise money for our church”

“Oh, mom don’t you know these records are now selling for a high price because they are in vogue again” He said with great disappointment.


I got the idea from a post by Fandango, where he wanted to sell his collection of old comics/ records and couldn’t find it! ( I don’t recall if it were both or one)



12 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week 197

  1. Actually it was old comic books and baseball cards. I came home from college to find out that my father had thrown them away. I sold my entire collection of vinyl records years later when I moved from the east coast to San Francisco. I had most of my favorites on my iPod and iTunes on my laptop anyway.

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