Daily Prompts- Perpetual Dieting

I am a perpetual dieter. It’s been the same throughout my adult life. Nutrition, calories, fat content, GI index are the terms that I am more familiar with than most people. And what is the result? Am I not at my ideal weight or close to it?

Well no, not by a long shot. That’s why I am always on a diet. I have a tendency to sabotage my own diet once I start losing weight. It is my addiction to food that spoils all my efforts. But I haven’t lost hope to get there eventually. I haven’t turned into a cynic, well not yet. I have hope that one day my rosy rounded cheeks will shrink to an attractive hollowed out sculpted look. Maybe I am vain but I want to get there at least once in this life!

I live in hope!

In response to the following prompts;


Nutrition, Cadence, Cheek





Word of the day Challenge;







14 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Perpetual Dieting

  1. I really am trying to keep better track of what I eat and try to exercise more. It is hard with fibro because there is a fine line between what is ok and what will knock me out for days. Good post Sadje!

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