Blogging Insights- How do I do it!

Dr.Tanya has asked another set of questions about blogging, in her Blogging Insight series.

Human beings are creatures of habit, and why should writers/bloggers be any different? We all have our set patterns of doing things. Today I am asking you to share some of your blogging habits.

# blogging habits


1. Do you follow a blogging schedule or do you post “freestyle“?

I have a freestyle blogging schedule! Does it make sense?

I follow a schedule in my mind, which entails writing e few posts per day and pre-scheduling them to be posted at certain fixed times, the next day. Only the daily prompts are done the same day.

But I don’t hold myself to a fixed timetable. I write when I have time and am free. Sometimes I have 5-6 drafts and can write the posts for the next couple of days at one sitting. Someday I won’t have enough things to work on and would wait for a weekly prompt or dig through my draft folder to complete a post on my niche topic.

It’s a flexible routine, which works for me.

2. Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?

I write whenever and where ever I can. At home, I blog on my iPad or laptop and while on the go, I used my phone to write and schedule my posts.

3. Have you dedicated a particular time for blogging?

Not per sé! I have a rough idea that I spend around 2-3 hours daily on my blog. About an hour for writing and the other two for reading and commenting. Since I have kept my blogging schedule quite flexible, it could be any time of the day or night. Sometimes when I get up during the night I often take a look at my notifications and sometimes even write or answer a few comments too. This I will admit is not a good habit as it can end up waking me up completely and I am trying to stop doing it.

What about your blogging habits?

Why don’t you head over to Salted Caramel and be a part of this discussion?



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